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247 Live-In Companions is committed to working closely with every client to deliver a fully bespoke, 24-hour person-centred care solution that allows you to retain your independence and remain living in your own home for as long as possible. We work to provide our clients, including young adults and the elderly, with experienced, highly qualified live-in care staff, each hand-picked to ensure they deliver the best possible standard of service.

Our team will work closely with all our clients and their families to create a custom-tailored service plan that suits your needs and your budget. We then provide you with a skilled carer that compliments your needs, as well as your personality, background, and beliefs, perfectly. 247 Live-In Companions works throughout Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and Sussex, providing expert care staff to anyone who needs it.

We Offer the Following Live-In Services

Respite care is a short-term care solution designed to give you and your family the ongoing care you need while your regular carer is on holiday or tending to a personal emergency. We know that the duties involved with full-time care can be demanding and that taking a well-earned break can be highly beneficial to your regular care staff. As a result, 247 Live-In Companions is committed to delivering an efficient respite care solution, providing you with professional temporary live-in respite care workers as quickly as possible.


Our team strives to give you the peace of mind that you will be in the best hands at all times, day and night, no matter your unique situation. We will introduce you to a carefully selected, trained care professional who will be on hand to help you maintain your usual care routine, with every service carried out according to your custom-tailored care plan. Some of the services our network of respite carers can undertake include:


Nursing Care.
Personal Care.
Medication Administration.
Pain Management.
Mobility Support.
Companionship and Emotional Support.
Light Housework, including laundry, cleaning, pet care, cooking, and more.
Help with attending social events, days out, appointments, and visits to family and friends.
No matter how long you or your loved one needs respite care, our dedicated team will work to provide you with a carer that meets all your needs.

We can also provide our clients with carers who can deliver dignified, attentive 24/7 support to anyone who needs additional assistance in their daily life. Our specialised 24/7 support care workers will allow you to continue living in the comfort of your own home, while still giving you the peace of mind that all your care needs will be adequately met.

Our dedication to providing you with a personalised, one-to-one care service means we always take time to understand your unique needs, day-to-day activities, and any other special requests, allowing us to deliver a bespoke care solution that suits you.

We will provide you with a highly qualified and experienced care professional that will be on hand to see to all your unique care requirements for 24 hours per day, offering an affordable, reliable alternative to moving to a residential care or nursing home. By allowing you to remain in a familiar environment, our carers can help reduce any potential fear and confusion and can encourage you to maintain as much independence as possible.

As part of our 24/7 care support services, we can also offer dedicated overnight care staff to provide night care services for your complete peace of mind. We can help you create an overnight care plan that suits you, whether you need assistance during a recovery process or require more comprehensive medical assistance. This plan can also be updated and adjusted at any time to accommodate any changing needs.


We offer staff that can see to both sleeping night and waking night care, depending on your unique needs. Waking night care is the ideal option if you need help with changing position, using the toilet, or taking medication throughout the night, as your carer will be awake throughout the night to assist you. Alternatively, sleeping night care is the ideal solution if you simply need someone there in case you need them.

247 Live-In Companions also offers dedicated carers specialising in hospital discharge care to clients who need extra assistance at home upon leaving the hospital. We can deliver a complete hospital discharge care plan and a live-in carer with the skills to meet your unique care needs and ensure a smooth transition from the hospital back to your home. We also take the results of your care needs assessment into account, ensuring you have the right level of support you need.


Whether you need short-term live-in intermediate or reablement care to help you regain your independence or a more long-term care solution, our team will find the ideal carer and care plan that suits you.

This care option aims to help you regain your independence as quickly as possible by providing you with short-term support in the comfort of your own home. We can provide you with intermediate carers who will help you set up and reach achievable goals, providing you with the assistance you need to make a quick recovery from any health concerns.

Similar to intermediate care, reablement care is designed to support you in re-learning the skills you need to maintain your usual routine following illness or injury. 247 Live-In Companions will provide you with a live-in reablement care worker for a period that suits your recovery needs, who will guide you through completing a range of tasks rather than doing them for you. These specialist carers can help you improve your mobility, rebuild your skills, and improve your confidence, ultimately helping you regain control of your life.


In addition to our intermediate and reablement care solutions, we can also offer more long-term care options in the form of 24/7 support and nurse-led live-in care to clients with more complex needs.

247 Live-In Companions can also provide support for younger adults over the age of 18 with all types of learning and physical disabilities, providing them with the assistance they need to stay comfortable and safe in their own homes. We will match you with a trained and experienced carer based on your specific needs, ensuring they deliver personalised care built around your unique routine and lifestyle. We also take care to ensure your support worker shares the same interests to guarantee complete compatibility across all areas.


Whether you need extra support at school, university, or work, or assistance to help you live comfortably at home, our knowledgeable team will match you with a carer able to deliver competent, flexible care that suits you. No matter the scale of your care needs, we will deliver a solution that guarantees your complete peace of mind.

Nurse-led live-in care is the ideal solution for people living with complex health concerns which require more intensive care to allow them to remain living in their home. 247 Live-In Companions will work closely with you and your family to understand your unique needs to provide you with highly skilled and qualified nursing care staff. We take pride in providing all our clients with quality live-in nursing care staff that carry out the necessary care according to the highest possible standards at all times.


Our network of carers can carry out a wide range of activities as part of this care service, including PEG feeding, tracheostomy care, catheter care, colostomy care, and any other complex continence needs. We offer care staff able to assist those living with a wide variety of health conditions, including:

Alzheimer’s Disease.
Parkinson’s Disease.
Huntington’s Disease.
Dementia (including Lewy Body Dementia).
Multiple Sclerosis.
Motor Neuron Disease.
Acquired Brain Injuries.
End of Life Care Needs
In addition to the above, we can also provide carers to support clients who live with other cognitive conditions, emotional and behavioural issues, communication difficulties, and more. Regardless of your nursing care needs, we can create a bespoke care plan and an experienced carer that suits all your needs.

247 Living Healthcare offers high-quality mental health care staff able to support young adults and the elderly living with a wide variety of mental health concerns. Our carers are highly trained in promoting recovery and supporting clients by helping them enjoy and maintain their independence. The specialised mental health carers we supply have the skills to work with a wide variety of mental conditions and learning disabilities, including Sensory Disabilities, Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and more.


We will work with you to develop a bespoke care plan that offers the ideal amount of support based on your or your family member’s needs, from basic assistance to complex 24/7 care. No matter what your unique needs may be, our care staff will work to create a comfortable, safe environment for every client that will assist you through the recovery process and ensure your continued development.

How it Works

Step 1

Enquire about how we can help you, either via telephone, email, or through our website.

Step 2

Register with us, and we will arrange an assessment and a visit to meet you and your circle of support.

Step 3

We will introduce you to carers who match your care needs and compliment your personality.

Step 4

We arrange all the necessary interviews.

Step 5

We ensure your assigned carer is ready and able to start working, and that they maintain a constant, high standard of care.

How it Works

We specialise in working with privately funded clients, with our services available at rates of between £100 and £500 per day. All our quotes are tailored to suit your unique care needs as well as your budget, with our committed team always working to find the best solution for you.

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